"On Night"

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“On Night” – a large cycle for solo soprano saxophone and ensemble lasting over an hour in duration, will be featured this upcoming season by the Slovenian Philharmonic (Matthias Pintscher, conductor), Boston Conservatory Composer's Orchestra (Eric Hewitt, conductor), the Institute and Festival of Contemporary Performance (David Fulemr, conductor), with saxophonist Eliot Gattegno.  The works in the cycle have been presented and commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Czech Center, Joyce Soho Gallery, and the Heidelberger Internationales Musikfestival. The project will be commercially released on the Tzadik label later this year.

Program Note: ‘On Night’ comprises of five pieces; Himmelfahrt in die Tiefen der Nacht (Ascension into the Depths of the Night), den nächtlichen Funken entgegen (Toward a Spark in the Night), Fluoreszierende-Nacht/Nebula No. 3 (Fluorescent Night/Nebula No. 3), Verlöschend (Extinguishing), and Zifferblatt der Nacht (Night’s Dial). Himmelfahrt was composed for the Heidelberger Frühling Internationales Musikfestival, and premiered there in the spring of 2011. Den nächtlichen Funken entgegen, was commissioned by the SONiC festival (NYC) and premiered at Joyce SoHo, where Fulmer collaborated with film-maker and choreographer Deborah Lohse. The solo instrument in combination with a delicate scoring of percussion appears in this interlude as the work folds into Fluoreszierende-Nacht/Nebula No. 3; a short movement including the entire ensemble and soloist, relentlessly charged with ferocious and explosive gestures. Verloschend, a short, intimate fantasy for solo saxophone, is a transition into the final movement. Zifferblatt der Nacht, commissioned for the Argento Ensemble and the Moving Sounds Festival, is the fifth and final piece of this sonic web. Perhaps the most sonically dense of the pieces, Zifferblatt der Nacht includes timbrally thrilling sounds of unusual and seldom heard metallic percussion instruments underneath a fragile veil of textures that emerge from the extended techniques of the saxophone. Luminous articulations of bowed percussion combine with unique harmonic structures of the solo instrument to sculpt a sonic landscape searing with microtonality and endless temporal boundaries evoking the “sounds of night.” Inspired by the works of Edvard Munch, and the woodblock prints of Hideo Hagiwara, ‘On Night’ punctuates rich textures focusing on contrasting profiles of light and dark. 

"On Night" - Part I: Himmelfahrt in die Tiefen der Nacht
Second Instrumental Unit
Eliot Gattegno, solo soprano saxophone
David Fulmer, conductor

Dim lights

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