The Stone (January 2013)

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face5THE STONE - New York's most experimental performance platform, artistically directed by downtown's musical magus John Zorn, is home to the most avant-garde musical creations and performances today.  January 2013 promises to be a searing month of performance presentations by curator David Fulmer.  See Below for concert schedule and events:


John Zorn (sax) David Fulmer (violin) James Moore (guitar) Anthony Coleman (piano) Ron Anderson (guitar) Chuck Bettis (electronics) Dave Scanlon (guitar) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Brian Chase (drums) Michael Coltun (bass) Brian Marsella (piano) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Shanir Blumekranz (bass) and many special guests, $25

 *From January 2-15, admission to concerts is $10

 1/2 Wednesday

8 pm

Conor Hanick plays John Cage Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano

10 pm

String Noise

Conrad Harris (violin) Pauline Kim Harris (violin)

Works by John Zorn and Eric Lyon


1/3 Thursday

8 pm

Gareth Flowers (solo trumpet and processed electronics)

10 pm

Anthony Coleman (piano)


1/4 Friday

8 and 10 pm

Matthias Pintscher Portrait

Study III for Treatise on the Veil (2007) for solo violin

Study II for Treatise on the Veil (2005) for violin, viola, cello 

on a clear day (2004) for solo piano

Janusgesicht (2001) for viola and cello

Figura V/Assonanza (2000) for solo cello


With an on stage discussion with David Fulmer and Matthias Pintscher

David Fulmer, violin/viola/curator

Mark Holloway, viola

Jay Campbell, cello

Taka Kigawa, piano


1/5 Saturday

8 pm

Brad and Doug Balliett and friends


10 pm

Ches Smith Trio plus guest Mat Maneri

Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) Stephan Crump (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Mat Maneri (viola)


1/6 Sunday

8 pm

Michael Nicolas (cello)


10 pm

Kyle Armbrust (viola)


1/8 Tuesday

8 pm

Uri Caine (piano)


10 pm

Momenta Quartet

"American Idyll"

Stefan Wolpe: 12 Short Pieces for String Quartet (1950)

Christian Wolf: Bread and Roses for Solo Violin - Adda Kridler, violin

Elliot Carter: Figment for Solo Cello - Michael Haas, cello

John Cage: String Quartet in Four Parts (1950) with video art by John Gurrin


1/9 Wednesday

8 pm

Carol McGonnell (contrabass clarinet)


10 pm


Mick Barr (guitar) Chuck Bettis (electronics, throat)


1/10 Thursday

8 pm

Charles Wuorinen portrait featuring Steven Beck

Steven Beck (piano) Jay Campbell (cello)

PROGRAM—Orbicle of Jasp (1999); Bagatelle (1988); Etude (for Chords and Dynamic Balance) (2011) American premiere; Capriccio (1981) Josquin: Ave Christe (1988) Haroun Piano Book (2009)


10 pm

Christopher Otto (violin, composition)


1/11 Friday

8 pm

Sooyun Kim (flute)

Charles Wuorinen – Duo for flute and piano

Jonathan Harvey – Nataraja for flute and piano

Oliver Knussen – Masks for flute and glass chimes

Elliott Carter – Scrivo in Vento


10 pm

Matt Poon (piano, composition)


1/12 Saturday

8 pm

Ned Rothenberg (woodwinds) Nels Cline (guitars)


10 pm

Fred Sherry (cello) Meaghan Burke (cello)

Duo improvisations and works for solo cello.


1/13 Sunday

8 pm

Jay Campbell (solo cello)


10 pm

Nonoko Yoshida (sax)


1/15 Tuesday

8 and 10 pm


Chris Otto (violin) Ari Streisfeld (violin) John Pickford Roberts (viola) Kevin McFarland (cello)

8 pm

Derek Bermel, new work for clarinet quintet w/ Derek Bermel

Johannes Brahms, clarinet quintet w/ Derek Bermel


10 pm

György Ligeti, String Quartet No. 2

Witold Lulosławski, String Quartet


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Located at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street

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